Think First Class — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately Miram.
    I hope I’m one of the first 5 to post.

    Have a lovely day.

  2. i love the “think first class” theme, great !!! love it !!! gonna use it in my life, thanks Miriam !!!

  3. OMG!
    what an incredible story! shows how the tools work like “magic” and how staying relaxed attracts better and better things. wow. inspiring indeed! thanks for sharing that story, Jessica. i am WOW-ed

  4. Wow , Great use of all the tools- the best part is she is a client and had all those tools in her to l box to use. Kudos to both of you . To you for teaching them and to her for using them !

  5. What an amazing way to turn an awful situation into a positive one. The rampage of appreciation is one often overlooked but has such a huge impact on your state of mind. Great postive thinking and action Jessica! Thanks for setting us up with the right tools Miriam

  6. “Thinking First Class” !! A great example, Miriam, of how to change circumstances. I haven’t made my reservation to Salt Lake yet so I’m beginning to “Think Up” !!

  7. Thank you Brenda, Cindy, Leonarda, Nettie, Julianna and Heather for your comments. Yes, Heather, you can create what you want by thinking UP. 🙂

  8. Hi Miriam, I had a great experience for the taking too. I was coming home from Ca. in Jan. when all the weather was horrible and the airports were extremely congested in the US. I flew from L.A. to San Francisco only to wait in line for 5 hours to get to customer service. I was alongside some very nice and chatty gentlemen so it could have been worse. I was just thinking back on my fun time in southern Ca. and trying to make the best of things. I finally got to the desk where the nice lady told me I could go to Minneapolis tomorrow afternoon. I right away asked if I could go to Denver instead(my son lives there and I don’t see him often enough). She said “you can go to Denver but you can’t leave for two days”, I said that would be sweet. She had me call him to make sure he could pick me up at midnight. I thought that was very nice of her. He was glad to pick me up and we had such an amazing two days together. So, go first class or ……………just go somewhere else! Either way, it’s fun.

  9. It appears that i missed the boat on this one, but I am not sitting waiting for my ship to come in I am rowing out to meet it!

  10. Eldoris – I loved your story about creating two amazing days with your son. And Shirley – I’m looking forward to rowing along with you to many wonderful dream creations!

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