You Can Have Everything
Your Heart Desires!

When Joy is Your First Priority,
Everything Else Falls Into Place


Do you spend too many days feeling stressed-out, overwhelmed and anxious?

Are you dragging your feet when it comes to taking action on your biggest dreams and goals because it just feels too hard?

Or maybe you want to experience more joy and well-being in your life,
but you don’t know how to make that happen.

I totally get it.

My name is Miriam Evers. For 17 years I’ve been coaching people to realize their dreams, by showing them how to put joy first.

When we work together,  you will

  • Discover the power you have to create everything that happens to you
  • Learn how to lift your mood, daily and consistently, no matter what
  • Understand what your Inner Guidance is telling you
  • Find out what makes you happy at your core
  • Create your life the way you want it to be

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For inspiration to jumpstart your joy and create your dreams, get your copy of my FREE Ebook 101 Joyous Renegade Quotes.