Miriam Evers, CPCC

Miriam Evers, CPCC

Welcome to Joyous Renegade
Inspiring you to live the joyous life
that is your Divine calling

Hi, I’m Miriam Evers and I am the Joyous Renegade. My calling is coaching Joy First. My passion is living a juicy joyous life that is in tune with the Divine. My mission, as your coach, is to call you forth to the greatness that you are, to the Joy that is the Source of your power. I’ve learned that choosing Joy First is actually the shortcut to creating the life of your dreams, and those wonderful manifestations are just icing on the cake.

I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a professional speaker and trainer. I left behind a successful corporate finance career to follow my bliss and I’ve been joyously and deliberately creating for many years. I’ve created my dream job, my dream home, and married the man of my dreams. I’ve won speaking awards, co-founded a thriving, 34-home, cohousing community, and created over a hundred self-empowerment workshops. I completed the rigorous coaching certification from the Coaches Training Institute and I have a successful coaching practice doing what I love – helping my clients to create lives, businesses and careers they absolutely love.

Howard (remember that man of my dreams), cats (Midnight and Leo) and I live in the cohousing community of WindSong, in Langley (near Vancouver) British Columbia, Canada. In this beautiful setting of trees and creek in the midst of a vibrant community, I practice Joy First – doing whatever the heck I feel like. My life embodies my belief – that we are here for the joy of the journey – and my motto is: “Joy First, and anything else I have time for.”

In this website, I will offer stories, practical tips, humor and quotes to uplift and inspire you to live the joyous life that is your Divine calling. Everything you want is yours for the asking.  Discover how, by choosing Joy First, you can thrive as the Power that you are and create whatever your heart desires.

If you want more information on my coaching, contact me at miriam@abc6907.sg-host.com