Shift the Feeling, Raise the Money — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Miriam,
    Just want to thank you again for you site. I and my husband came to Arizona last winter from Minnesota for a week.While here we decided to make some changes. No more cold winters for us. In Apr a woman came into our townhomes and asked my husband if any of them were for rent. She is now in our home and we are in the apt. on the top of a house overlooking the mountains in the darling little town of Prescott Az. Mark retired in Sept and we worked very hard to make this move. Now we are happy to not be in the 5-8 inches of snow that fell in our homeland this week. The sun is shining and it gets to about 68 here each day. At times Mark would get negative about whether or not we could do it but I would remind him that we can make it work. Thanks for the encouragement to plan big and keep going. Eldoris Koutek

  2. Hello Eldoris, what a wonderful update. Nice to hear that you are enjoying a beautiful mountain view from your new home… and no snow. Keep planning big. Lots of good times ahead! Cheers! Miriam

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