Senior Cohousing makes senior years healthy, social & stimulating — 6 Comments

  1. miriam darling, you are the coolest person i know. however i cant open your coho book order link. love chuckl

  2. miriam, i edit a very groovy web page called all things healing. check it out. i think that it would be ideal if you’d submit something re coho to me to put on that site. love chuck

  3. Hey Chuck, thks for your comments. The link to the book order form does work for me, so I’m not sure what’s wrong.

    I love the home page for and saw your smiling face in the Editors Corner on the page for “intentional communities.” I will get back to you by email on the writing piece.

  4. Dear Miriam,

    I’m wondering if it’s time we removed the need for such a thing as “senior” co-housing? On a practical side and in light of our somewhat unnatural social structures I can understand how such a thing as separation of elders and youth exist – and the several reasons elders may choose to live amongst each other. Yet, I still feel it’s unnatural to separate ourselves based on our ages. Often maturity is not proportional to age. This concept of “senior” co-housing seems to be from an age we are leaving behind.

    Surely it’s time for change. Can it just be “Co-housing”?

    Elders should be sharing the wisdom they’ve gained from years of practical experience with the youth? Who better than the elders to share in the upbringing of the young? In my mind, when I see children and elders playing together, I sense a natural order.

    In tribal Africa (I was born in South Africa) where tradition still remains in some rural areas, elders are respected functional members of the community and are cared for until they depart this world. Elders live full complete lives and usually hold the highest respect.

    I’m not looking for ideals from the past, because we know that often tradition is not always the best way to do things. Instead I’m suggesting that we re-create the way we live. I’m convinced the core of this re-creation is “community”. In a healthy community, there would be no such thing as separation by age.

    Is this concept of senior co-housing a result of there not being more ideal options available?

    Congratulations with the book project! I love the title.

    Oceans of Love

  5. Santhan, I live in a cohousing community with people of all ages where children and elders play together, and I love it. Senior cohousing is a choice for those folks who want more deliberate control of their living environment as they age. It is indeed for some a great deal better than the option of living in an institution at the end of their lives. I welcome more choices.

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