Rise Again Fallen Angel — 16 Comments

  1. Howard, this is so beautiful and inspirational.
    As a fellow student of ACIM, I relate to the power of quotes from the Course.
    For me, in a time of severe illness, the following helped bring my mind back from thoughts of the past or concerns for the future. As you say, not always easy, but the moments of joy, when they come, are profound.
    “This holy instant would I give to You.
    Be You in charge. For I would follow You,
    Certain that Your direction gives me peace.”
    (W-361, A Course In Miracles quote)

    You are safe and healed and whole.
    Seeing you shining in the Light that you are… we all are,

  2. Howard,your process of recovery is very inspiring. I will be reading it again tomorrow. I have had an interesting journey healing from seven years of intense vertigo and other accident related symptom. I am still on that 11 year journey and will look at incorporating you methodology into my practice. God is a powerful healer. Blessings

  3. Your article is the reminder how this life is so much bigger than any one person. You remind me again, of my birthright, my connection to the Creator and the ease and flow that is ours to have. I had a phone call yesterday from one of my family who is awakening and is suffering. What a privilege to walk with him knowing I have all the support I need. Being prompted to take time to read your post brings more strength for the day. Thank you.

  4. “Father, into your Love I give my life!”

    wow, Howard, when i read that, i thought: SWEET SWEET SURRENDER.
    you have truly embraced “the good, the bad and the ugly” and made honey out of out of the entire ‘falling on your head’ experience. Both Miriam’s and your humour, humility and honesty are deeply inspiring.
    p.s. we are in Ontario the weekend of your workshop. Wishes for it to be an outstanding success inside and out. xxxxx

  5. Thank you, Howard and Miriam, for a touching and inspirational story. It takes a truly courageous person to share their intensely personal journey towards Healing, while still undergoing treatment for their chronic pain. I will surely incorporate your helpful advice into Healing myself.

    Heart-felt Greetings from Montréal!


  6. Howard, I know for some time now you have been interested in doing some writing. It seems like the concussion was the catalyst not only for revelations and healing, but also for writing/sharing your experiences! I was quite captivated with your description of the periods of peace and harmony you experienced. Maybe it’s true that spiritual epiphanies occur in our darkest hours. As someone with a disease which is accompanied by chronic pain, I’m very intrigued with your ability to connect with spirit and let help come into your life- doctors, medication, family, friends, neighbours. You were really able to receive with gratitude and not blame yourself for your accident and illness. Maybe sometimes it takes a whack on the head (or something like that) for us to wake up and smell the idyllic beauty of our everyday lives! Keep writing!

  7. Thanks for sharing … I’m practicing this myself at present so a lovely reminder … Bless you and Kia Kaha, Raywyn

  8. Thanks for your inspiring words Katherine, I really appreciate that you have an amazing story in recovery of peace and joy.
    In Joy,

  9. Thank-you Zara, I remember you from Karen/Denise books launches. God is indeed a powerful healer and we are soaked in Grace, if we can only get our “stuff” out of the way to receive it.

  10. Hi Catherine, Thank-you for your comment.
    It is quite a remarkable journey as we undertake to help others in suffering. I’ve certainly noticed in myself an immediate emotional tendency to “sympathize” that can take me straight away from the Creator and my true strength. It seems that I’m learning to find my home in love, harmony and joy first and foremost, yet connect with others. Somehow, the game still has some ups and downs, yet my intention is to return up more quickly.
    Wishing strength for all of us!

  11. Leonarda, I love your metaphor of making honey! Just like the bees. May you meet some awesome birds and bees in Ontario too!
    with Joy,

  12. Egidio, Thank you so much for your comments and well wishes – not just from Montreal, but even greater: from the heart!
    proceed in peace and confidence,

  13. Well said Maureen, Thank-you so much. You sensed something I haven’t mentioned to anyone but Miriam: I do feel more devoted to writing (i.e. not quite “committed”, which can be harsh) and teaching/learning with others. And you have a clear and intuitive style as well, so “Keep writing” to you too!

  14. Raywyn, Thanks and may we both grow in peace and joy!

  15. Howard, I really enjoyed your article. It gave me some good pointers in handling my own situation. Thanks a bunch. Lots of love, Lydia

  16. Thanks Lydia. You have a great deal of strength and love on your side. In our egos, we tend to look at our weaknesses and make them a “bigger deal” than they really are. Better to remember and appreciate our strengths. Go in peace and confidence. with love Howard

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