Powerful Question to Raise Your Mood — 1 Comment

  1. I just received your newsletter. Your link, “Powerful Question to Raise your Mood” tweaked my interest and I spent the next 1/2 hour reading your website. I just read the one about “Thousands have an inner urge but don’t follow it” and the locket for Kristy. It made me think about my mom who passed away last year, and I started to cry. It’s all good…
    When I opened your website I was blown away by the beauty of it and how it immediately made me feel good. The beautiful blue sky with white clouds, your warm welcoming friendly face, the beautiful rainbow, etc, etc. I love it.
    The article about Minter Gardens was really uplifting. What a good idea to think about 10 favourite things. I’ve been doing that since taking the Jump Start course from you, but not as regularly as I’d like. Thanks for the reminder to think about what I appreciate about my day and living in the moment.
    Then I began clicking different categories and reading the first part. You did a great job setting up this web site. If people need a lift you’re there for them!!!
    Lydia Ducharme

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