Mom: I Feel Good, Body Not So Good — 7 Comments

  1. A wonderful post Miriam! Full of inspiration and a touching tribute to your Mom whose influence and love no doubt live on through you all. Much love <3

  2. Such a beautiful demonstration of courage and love… Thank you for sharing Miriam.

  3. Beautiful, I remember your Mom being very grounded, you have done her proud, we all can learn from her courage and great outlook on life. love to you all

  4. Miriam, I sit here with tears in my eyes after watching your tribute to your mom. It was beautiful. I still have my mom with me. I will be seeing her next weekend. She is 91. I think I will take my video camera with me and perhaps capture some memories. Thank you.


  5. Thank you for you heart-warming comments Antoinette, Nancy, Fran and Fran Watson! Good idea Fran to capture memories now while your beloved mom is still with you.

  6. Sweet Miriam and Family….. I shared a few tears with you and your precious Angel Mom today, while remembering my brother and Dad.
    I remember this time last year and how often all of you were in my prayers. Blessings to you for the gift of this remembering. How precious and honouring for your Dear Mom. She is a glorious Angel now. I imagine she is guiding all of you to gently row your boats as you walk/glide through this journey of life. My love to all of you on this precious day Kim

  7. Sweet Kim, I remember your loving support last year at this time. Thanks for caring and the reminder that indeed Mom is now a glorious Angel guiding us on our journeys. We are blessed. Much love to you too.

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