Just Like Orgasms — 4 Comments

  1. I took a workshop from you 2-3 years ago to create a dream board for the coming year. I have had it up by my desk since then. I know…they say to do a new one every year. But this one? ohhhh, it was too good and too big to happen all in one year! Little by little these dreams are manifesting and a big one has just begun to come into focus and all things are lining up. My experience is just like they are saying. The knowing, the walking on air, empowerment, can do no wrong and that it’s just a matter of time that it will be realized. Yes, and thank you for the reminder that it is the process/journey and not the urgency of ….. ‘arriving’.

  2. I love what you said Catherine Renee’. I remember how excited you were when you created your dream board and it’s wonderful to hear that you are experiencing the deliciousness of the journey too. That big one will be worth the wait.

  3. Thanks again for helping me elevate my thoughts to a fun higher ‘peak’ of pleasure; as always, my favorite Dutch treat always ‘comes’ through for me… Ciao for now, may you inspire your clients to always ‘keep it up.’

  4. Egidio the Edgeman, you have such a delicious way with words. Thanks for your delightful comment!

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