Thousands Have an Inner Urge-But Don’t Follow It — 6 Comments

  1. Sarah here. I bumped into Kristy and her grandma after school. Kristy was wearing her locket. With a big smile and lots of “thank yous” she showed me the pictures inside – a beautiful close up of her mom and an equally lovely picture of the three of them together – brought tears to my eyes. It’s exactly as I had hoped: the locket is treasured and loved, and so very beautiful on her. I’m profoundly grateful that I acted on that impulse: it really was the voice of God giving direction! Anyway, I thought you would like to know.

  2. Thank you for sharing these lovely, inspirational stories. I have goose bumps as I write this. A lesson for me to be more flexible and trust my impulses! You are are a blessing.

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