3 Ways to Reverse Aging — 8 Comments

  1. This is awesome and timely, Joyous Renegade! I have been thinking about all these things as my 87 year old Mom transitions from totally independent in her own apartment (8 months ago) to living with us (presently) to finding a care home for her.
    So – I have started taking Spanish lessons, and am LOVING it. We have the best group – in our class we spend half our time laughing as we all try to understand, speak, pronounce and figure out what the heck is going on! Everyone is so supportive and tripping over Spanish verbs is hilarious.

    I’ve also joined a dance class. It’s drop-in, and I’m very sporadic, depending on what’s happening with Mom, but I’ll tell ya. It is a mind-bender! I thought I was graceful and coordinated. Ha! I can feel my brain frantically building new synapses as I try to learn simple choreography (new every week!). Again, more laughing. Laughing is the best. Must do more.

  2. Yes, I still have a lot on my bucket list as well. I don t even think about “aging” – what does that man anyway? Like you Miriam, I look at my Mom at just over 95 and how much she enjoys life and every day.
    What is really important is to look after once health – that way we can enjoy every day.
    Its like Dr. Wentz says ; I quote: “Of all the wisdom I have gained over the years, the most important is the knowledge that health and time are two of humanity’s most precious assets”

  3. Eva, your Mom sounds like a wonderful role model! When you have good health, it’s certainly easier to enjoy each day.

  4. Hi Miriam,
    Yep, aging and “old wives tale sayings”…. quite a job to have to reframe some of those old “truths”!
    But I’m with you, I haven’t yet reached my “best before…” date….and with a couple of replacement parts already done,
    and removal of things that were not optimally working, I can see myself extending my healthy age similar to my 96 year old mother, but hopefully with better health!. She was tenacious and mentally clear enough to use a Facebook page and skype,account to, have regular visits with children and grandchildren all over the world.
    What an example that was!!
    Blessings in your work having joy!

  5. My 60th birthday was the best day of my life. I have so much love in my life and it pumps me up!

  6. Inger, I love what you said about your mother being an excellent model of health and mental clarity. Facebook at 96 – WOW!

  7. Yafa, I loved hearing about your 60th birthday and how you have so much love in your life. As as good as it is, it’s only going to get better from here!

  8. Barb, it sounds like you are in a similar place to me with your mom and looking for care options. And at the same time, you are continuing to enjoy and live life to the fullest – with Spanish lessons and dancing. Woohooo!

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