Mighty Money Manifesting!

Norine Burgess

Norine Burgess

“So… it’s just past mid-month, and property taxes, two credit cards, various utilities and the phone bill are due, plus the plumber had to come fix a toilet, then come back to replace it–lots of outflow and not enough left in the monthly account to cover it. In the past I would have been quite agitated at this point, but I have been practicing the tools Miriam taught me to release my fears and lift my mood.

Today especially as I went for my walk/appreciation time, I held onto the thought that I have always had enough money to get through and do what really matters to me. I focused on what I already have and my enjoyment of it, as well as the beauty of the moment (the gorgeous day, the birdsong, the smell of the wild roses etc). When I got home, there in the mail waiting for me was a cheque from CRA for back Child Benefits owing to me of over $8,000!!!!

Mighty manifesting indeed!! And this is just one example of many. I’m not a master yet, but life sure is a lot more positive than it used to feel. Thank you Miriam for showing me how I can create my life the way I want it to be.”

~ Norine Burgess, Opera Singer