Jessica Pelham“Less Stress, More Joy, More Money, Happier Marriage, Freedom from Pain, Living Truer to My Authentic Self – My Heart is Singing…”

“I’ve been working with Miriam on challenging perceptions of money and debt, and to increase my daily experience of joy.

I started in Miriam’s Dream It. Write It. Live It. 21 Day Webinar Series and continued on with monthly coaching. Results came quickly. By the end of 7 days my stress levels dropped from 9/10 to 2/10 with regards to my father and my husband. By the end of 14 days my stress levels had dropped around my work.

I halved my personal debt from USD 25,000 to USD 12,500 by day 10. By day 21, I had secured work for a further USD 24,200 for the next 90 days from two additional income sources. My aim starting out with Miriam was to absolve my debt, have the all clear before Christmas Day this year (2013). I will have achieved that and put some cash into savings too.

I feel support from friends, family. People are paying back debts without my prompting. I won raffle prizes, horse races, I received vouchers, free hypnosis sessions, free wine, free spa treatments, free books, free cinema tickets. My name got put forward for contracts by friends, I find it effortless and easy to pick up work. People ask me about my work, they want to sign up, they want to join, and they are recommending and referring business to me.

One of the very pleasant ‘side effects’ of doing the joy work, is more days without pain. Pain manifested in my body in many ways before I started working with Miriam. I experienced tension stress headaches, muscle cramps, cricks in my neck and shoulder, paralysing spasms across my back, trapped nerves and nausea. Now, I go days on end without a single twinge of pain. To be free from pain is the best manifestation from my joy work so far. I have fewer sad and down days too, fewer moments of sharp regret and anxiousness as I replay all the silly things I have done and said, and wish I hadn’t.

I live each day with joy and happiness, my heart is singing and full of energy. I feel I am closer to living truer to my authentic self a little more each day.

Miriam is fantastic joy coach and I highly recommend working with her, both in her group work sessions and her one-on-one sessions. Make the move today, take a leap of faith, and see the path of your dreams unfold delightfully at your feet 🙂

~ Jessica Mendes Pelham, MA (Oxon) NGH CHt,
Grey Matter Network Master Hypnotist