“I am living proof that a person can manifest one’s dreams..”

“I was so blessed to come across Miriam’s course Dream it, Write it, Live it – a 21 Day Webinar Series.

I very much enjoyed this course and became more in touch with some very exciting dreams and joyful possibilities for myself. I did not even realize how I loved expressing myself on paper and as a few weeks passed I found myself expressing some powerful visions. I live a very chaotic life style and found I was longing for a total decompress in a very relaxed beach setting. It took some coaching and journaling to even clearly visualize that I wanted this. At times my paper just produced some powerful dreams that I don’t think I even knew I had. I began to create a wonderful beach setting where the waves and the sand and the glorious sun could slow me down and bring some peace to my inner self. I pictured myself in this sunny paradise swinging in a hammock and listening to the ocean sing. The wind was warm and soothing.

Catherine Stacey - Mexico

Catherine Stacey – Mexico

A few months later, to my great surprise and delight, I was fully treated by the most incredible wonderful person to an all-inclusive, so super high ended Mexican holiday in the beautiful Mayan Rivera. I am living proof that a person can manifest one’s dreams. Thank you Miriam. I am so happy to have met you and capture a piece of your joy. You share and spread it wherever you go.”

~ Catherine Stacey