Celebrate What’s Right With the World

Happiness is not just a mood. It’s a decision to see life from a higher perspective. When you change the way you look at life, the life you look at changes.

Recently I discovered a short video that made my heart leap with joy. The movie is called “Celebrate What’s Right With the World.” It was created by Dewitt Jones, a professional photographer who spent 20 years with National Geographic taking pictures all over the globe.

Dewitt says he chooses to,

Celebrate what’s right in the world instead of wallowing in what’s wrong.”

With stunning photographs and inspiring words he illustrates a life viewed from this higher perspective. “A perspective,” Dewitt says, “that would transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.”

Do you have a vision that fuels your passion, unleashes your creativity and gives you the energy to soar above the ordinary? Wouldn’t you love to have a vision that’s so compelling that you rise up every day eager to work towards achieving it?

This 22 minute video by Dewitt Jones may very well inspire you to uncover such a vision in yourself.

This video is by permission of Star Thrower Distribution. For program details and to purchase the DVD please visit http://www.celebratetraining.com/.  For a testimonial about how the Appreciative Inquiry Commons uses this DVD for training purposes always producing magical results, click here. For more information about Dewitt Jones, see dewittjones.com.

Celebrating what’s right with the world goes hand in hand with my philosophy: “Joy First. Then anything else I have time for.” Choosing “joy first” is a decision that allows me to view life from a higher perspective. It’s a decision to rise above the squabble with the gulls and soar with the eagles!

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Celebrate What’s Right With the World — 9 Comments

  1. ‘Celebrating what’s right with the world’ – it’s a good philosophy to have as we lead self and lead others.

  2. This video was so motvating to me my professor showed it to my class an i allso leeped with joy an i am sharing it with as many people as i can. I hope to help chang many peoples out looks of life. Thank you very much

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